When organizing an event, you may feel overwhelmed by the many decisions you need to make. You'll quickly find that it can become a full-time job! But don't worry, we are here to help you find the perfect place for your special day whether it be modern, vintage, country, rustic, or inspired by a location or theme. But, before you begin your search, there are a few things you’ll want to have a strong understanding of:
  • Budget
  • No# of Attendees 
  • Event Style or Purpose
Once you have an idea of these three things, you can begin your search for a venue. Having the venue booked at least six months in advance will ensure that you have the date of your event set in stone. This date will inform the timeline and milestones you’ll need for event planning and event marketing. 

Here are five things to look for in a venue.
What type of vibe are you going for modern, rustic, funky, classic? Daytime or evening? Is there a theme? Once you have a feeling for the type of event you would like, we can search for the venue that’s the perfect match.  
How big is the venue? Do you need to fit 75 guests or 400? Start by having a guest count in the back of your mind. You might fall in love with a venue to find that it can only fit 100 people. 
Are you looking to serve specific foods? Find out if your venue has an in-house caterer, preferred caterers or if you can bring in your own food.  Does the venue have a liquor license, full-service bar or can you bring in your own alcohol? Ask whether there are food and drink minimums. 
Consider how far away the venue is from the majority of your guests. Of course, they’ll travel no matter how far it is, but to make life easier, think about distance.
What time of the year will your event take place? If it’s in the fall or winter, make sure you look at the venue’s indoor space to see whether it’s sufficient.